Silversea World Cruise 2022


Get ready for The Tale of Tales 2022, an extraordinary North-South World Cruise spanning parallels 65°S to 65°N, from Antarctica all the way up to Iceland. See the world like never before as you experience a stunning range of cultures, climates and environments, all in one fantastic journey. This singular itinerary weaves together a story of magnificently contrasting destinations, from Turkey to South Africa, from South Georgia Island to the Seychelles. And like any great story the voyage will take place in chapters, just like our 2019 Tale of Tales world cruise, a resounding success. In 2022, each segment will bring onboard a world-renowned Special Guest who will spark your imagination, give voice to your curiosity, and accompany you as you explore the world and become the main character of your very own Tale of Tales.

An amazing journey built on the award winning 2019 world cruise

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  1. A trip like “The Tales of Tales” is a once in a lifetime, until you do it, then is a twice in a lifetime, until you do it again, then….

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