Oceania World Cruise 2024

Around the World in 180 Days (or 196)


Perfectly designed for seasoned and time-rich travelers, this specially curated set of Grand Voyages is an invitation to navigate storied seas, straits and oceans on intriguing journeys that boldly connect diverse and exotic corners of the globe. These four new Grand Voyages sailing in late 2023 and 2024, ranging in length from 72 to 82 days, cover regions as diverse as the Pacific Ocean, the Arabian Peninsula, the Indian Ocean, and the Far East and Africa. Each of the four Grand Voyages includes either Free First-Class or Business-Class Roundtrip Airfare* and Free Pre-Paid Gratuities in addition to a selection of valuable amenities.

Full Itinerary


Exclusive Shoreside Events, Overnight Highlights & Optional Overland Tours

On this 180-day global odyssey departing Los Angeles on January 14, 2024, discover the luxury of exploring the world on a sweepingly profound scale. Join us aboard small and luxurious Insignia to revel in 96 vibrant destinations across 34 diverse countries with an extraordinary 24 overnights all in one journey. Uncover the captivating rhythms of far-flung Polynesian islands as you chart the South Pacific, continuing on to experience the dramatic beauty of New Zealand’s fjords and the allure of top Australian cities. Celebrate both iconic and off-the-beaten-path destinations across Asia and encounter exotic locales lining the Indian Ocean before immersing yourself in an expansive tour of Europe’s most enchanting cities. Our 2024 journey offers the flexibility of an additional option of sailing from Miami on a glorious 196-day itinerary. Along the way, you’ll enjoy gracious and warm service, savor The Finest Cuisine at Sea®, delight in an ever-changing array of enrichment and entertainment, and indulge in holistic treatments at Aquamar Spa + Vitality Center. Designed for the seasoned traveler that has dreamed of exploring the farthest reaches of our world, this transformative journey invites you to discover a meaningful connection with cultures spanning the globe.



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